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Opinion: Thoughts on climate change

There have been recent letters to The Times expressing concern about climate change. It is certainly commendable to care about that and to desire steps be taken to ameliorate those changes.  Any catastrophic changes are probably not quite as eminent as some doom-sayers lead us to believe. There is no certainty that our efforts will succeed in preventing change.

While it would be bad for people living on or near the coasts, I suspect the planet itself couldn’t care less whether the ocean rises 1 foot or 100 feet or more. It has happened before.

Also, the planet doesn’t care if the temperature rises 2 degrees or 25 degrees. It has happened before. Maybe, we could grow apples in Alaska, vineyards in Vinland, citrus in Michigan and corn in Siberia. Or what if another ice age started? Or even a mini-ice age? That would be worse for us than warming. Would you give in to heating with coal before you froze to death?

There are other serious risks for us. Nuclear war is a serious risk when we look at the warlike nature of humans and the stupidity of most of our world leaders. We have a tendency to use every weapon invented to kill to the fullest extent possible. 

Another great risk we face is the total breakdown of civilized society — chaos, lawlessness, breakdown of commerce, food production and finance. Such a scenario almost always leads to a totalitarian dictator who restores order but kills millions. 

Another great risk we face is de-population, which is going to hit most advanced nations in the next 30-50 years. When men no longer want to be fathers and protectors and providers, and women no longer want to be mothers and nurturers and children are seen as sex objects and pawns in depraved cultural games, then nations cease to be. Many of these nations cannot turn around in time. 

So, the meek will inherit the Earth, as our Lord said. What a bleak picture. But I am an optimist. See II Peter 3:13-14.  

Jimmy Echols