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Opinion: Explanation of shooting involving police way overdue
09212019 SHOOTING 11.jpg
Police work at the scene of an officer-involved shooting at Jesse Jewell Parkway and Wisteria Drive in front of Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville, Friday, Sept. 20, 2019. - photo by Nate McCullough

Thank you for the update on the Gainesville Police shooting of Adam English September 2019 near the Northeast Georgia Medical Center that is long overdue. 

Why has it taken so long for this report? The investigating agencies, the GBI, had it over three months, and the district attorney has had over nine months to find out and report to the public exactly how this happened — a very busy street, hundreds of people witnessing and one taking a video of the entire thing, which was posted on YouTube. I viewed the video, now removed, that clearly show five Gainesville Police with guns drawn in a shooting stance, with Mr. English standing with his back turned a few yards  away with no apparent weapon. The impact was edited of course, and the next frame has him lying on the ground after several shots were fired.. 

Now, Mr. Darragh, our D.A., is quoted as saying “should I determine a grand jury is necessary this may take months or years because of the virus.” 

If this quote is correct, and I’m not an attorney, but it certainly seems clear to me that a grand jury is  necessary and the quicker the better. The public has a need to know why this shooting was necessary and who was responsible and what is so complicated that it has taken this long on a case that appears very simple to solve. 

Let’s say that Mr. English was a Black man instead of white, how long would it have taken? 

An explanation is way overdue. 

Gene Cobb 


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