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Opinion: America fighting coronavirus in 4 arenas, and Trump is the right leader for the war
Trump Coronavirus
President Donald Trump speaks in an address to the nation from the Oval Office at the White House about the coronavirus Wednesday, March, 11, 2020, in Washington. (Doug Mills/The New York Times via AP, Pool)

America is fighting a war in four major arenas during this pandemic: health care, economics, politics and the media:

Health care

Despite the rantings of some so-called experts, no one could have foreseen the magnitude of this devastating coronavirus, COVID-19. At this writing, America has 579,005 confirmed cases of this disease and 22,252 deaths, according to the CDC. Bleak as it looks, “this, too, shall pass” and most of us will survive.

The medical response to this outbreak has been impressive despite some shortages of ventilators, protective gear and other supplies due to the extraordinary demand. This problem is being remedied through the Defense Production Act, a federal wartime mobilization tool that accelerates manufacturing capacity.

Thankfully, President Trump imposed a travel ban on China (disease site origin) and Europe while critics called him xenophobic, racist and worse. He also tightened access along our northern and southern borders, or this disaster would be more dreadful.


After witnessing the best economy in decades, this catastrophe has closed countless businesses and created massive unemployment, financial hardship, a sharp stock market decline and economic uncertainty. The federal government responded with the biggest stimulus package in American history. State governments have processed thousands of claims for unemployment benefits.

Now, tough decisions must be made concerning business re-openings versus public safety. We don’t need another Great Depression, nor do we want this health care crisis to escalate. It’s a delicate balancing act, but the American economy will rebound and our nation will be much stronger.


Most of our politicians are working toward a common goal: restore the economy and protect the population. After all, this virus doesn’t care about partisan agendas. But not so with some prominent politicians, who have attacked President Trump during this national emergency.

For example, crooked Hillary Clinton, still sore over losing the 2016 presidential election, mocked Trump after our nation surpassed China and Italy for the most COVID-19 cases: “He did promise ‘America First.’” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, still furious over the impeachment outcome, launched a new select committee to probe the president’s response to this pandemic while it’s still unfolding.


The biased media has also used this health care crisis to bash President Trump and his talented coronavirus task force. Predictably, many journalists are focused on negatives (number of virus cases and deaths) instead of positives (virus testing, patient recoveries and vaccine research). Some have even accused the president of creating a false sense of hope by exuding optimism. Of course, if the president was spouting doom and gloom, the hypocritical media would be condemning him.

We should be grateful to President Trump, who is doing a remarkable job fighting this invisible enemy. During his detailed daily press conferences, he updates the American public and endures some rude, ridiculous questions from vindictive reporters whose news organizations televise little or none of these events. Can you imagine Sleepy Joe Biden stammering through such a grind? Yikes!

Clearly, we have the right leader at the right time. 

Dick Biggs


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