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Letter: Democrats' lean toward socialism will kill our country
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While the Republican Party has many shortcomings, it does not consistently toll the bell of destruction as does its opposing party. Admittedly, both parties may be answering to a puppet master, and maybe the same, but Republicans are, at least, holding to some of our traditional values and show some concern for the continuation of our republic. 

Nominal observation shows that the Democrat party leans sharply left — democratic socialism, fabian (evolutionary) socialism or full-blown socialism. And socialism is the bridge to communism. 

When a party sets out to distribute free stuff from an all-powerful central government and make the masses entirely dependent on that government, socialism is defined. That party rejects “regnat populus” — let the people rule. 

Death to American exceptionalism. Progressives seek to punish America for past sins and relegate us to third-world status. They want to punish our long-ago colonialism, practiced by all nations at one time or another. 

Death to our republic. Progressives are now working to make us a true democracy with majority rule — step 1 to socialism. Their first goal is to manipulate the Electoral College, then abolish it. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts cast the “swing” vote to keep citizenship off the 2020 census, which will count everyone as voter-eligible and give more electoral votes to states with large numbers of noncitizens. 

Death to our Constitution. Both parties have shredded it for years, ignoring the 10th Amendment. Progressives say it’s a living document, to be overridden at will. 

Death to our Christian heritage. Progressives align with the ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation. 

Death to our Bill of Rights. Progressives want to redefine freedom of speech, freedom of religion and our right to own and bear arms. Progressives support the corrupt and discriminatory Southern Poverty Law Center, which attacks our constitutional rights. 

Death to capitalism. Progressives shun capitalism, which has made America the most modern and generous superpower ever. Progressives’ grouping of citizens by identity abolishes the idea of the free individual with freedom to flourish. 

Death to unborn and just-born children. Progressives have long held to pro-choice (pro-death). Now, Virginia’s Democrat governor has publicly described his state’s sanctioned murder of just-born children — infanticide. 

Death to America’s identity and traditions. Along with their war on America and Christianity, progressives are fervently working to purge all “offensive” public artifacts and, at times, ban our flag. Read “Dark Agenda: The War on Christian America” by David Horowitz. 

Death to America’s future. Progressives’ and federal judges’ allowing the invasion of our southern border brings drugs, diseases, crime and terrorists. St. Louis Park City Council, Minnesota, by unanimous vote, will no longer recite the Pledge of Allegiance because of concern that it might intimidate immigrants. 

A victory by democratic socialism in 2020 and beyond will be the death knell of America.

Gary B. Hulsey


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