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Letter: True Christians should support ministry to help sex trade victims
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I suggest that the Hall County Commissioners do not reject the Straight Street Ministry’s proposal to build a gated home for young women (18 and older) who were victims in sex trafficking. They should allow this ministry to move forward in Hall County and not be intimidated by some in the neighboring community who expressed fear that this building would lower their property values.

Those who follow the teachings of Jesus, who taught about loving the outcast and people on the fringe of society, should be the first to boldly support this ministry of compassion and justice. This is a ministry of kindness toward women seeking a better future.

I’m unclear about the meaning of one commissioner’s explanation for refusing to vote: “This is God’s will, so I’m going to leave it in his hands.” I don’t believe it is the will of believers to do nothing.

This is a wonderful opportunity to be forgiving and loving in a way that provides a different life for these young women.

I plan to be at the next public meeting at 6 p.m. Dec. 8 at the Hall County Government Center. I invite other caring persons to do the same.

Calvin King
Hall County

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