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Letter: New school building is needed to bring Enota up to date
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Let me clarify a point that seems to have been overlooked in the saga that has become known as the “Enota Garden.” We need a new building. The 800-plus children and adults that actually use the building everyday deserve to be brought into the 21st century. Bottom line: A new building is necessary.

Second, it has been proclaimed and trumpeted that our school board does not listen. Hmmmm.

What if they did, in fact, listen but have chosen to move forward in making Enota great?

What if they actually listened to ALL the voices, not just the ones who had access to the paper?

What if they actually did their job and choose to honor our precious children of Enota by building a wonderful new building we could be proud of?

What if they chose to listen, but just not to the squeaky wheels?

I have witnessed many a person walk up to the mic in a board meeting to voice their opinion about Enota. I personally have no idea who they are. I have never seen them in our building. Actually, I have never seen them before. (Let me say, I am not old Gainesville. I have only lived here 18 years.)

What a joy to think that these people have a passion for our students. I could certainly set you up to mentor a child. Please contact me.

In loving our children, sometimes you don’t get your way. Embrace change. Grow Enota.

Denise McConnell

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