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Letter: Clintons would bring a career of corruption back to White House
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Beginning with the lie the Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama government furnished to deflect blame from Benghazi, we see how masterful the Democrats have become in protecting its key vote-getters and key fundraisers. At this point, the Clinton-Obama government has paralyzed the Justice Department, the State Department, the IRS and the FBI when shielding Hillary from the truth.

What we should never forget about Benghazi is that four Americans unnecessarily died there. Mrs. Clinton’s response: “What difference does it make?”

Keep in mind that when the Clintons first occupied the White House we were exposed to a level of crudity and lying that led to an impeachment process. The Democrats then gave us the first look at the lengths they would go to in protecting the Clintons.

Fast-forward to the events of the last several years. Mrs. Clinton has managed to be shielded from prosecution by the corrupt Obama government that hid, destroyed or redacted incriminating documents. Finally, when the big shoe was about to fall, the FBI was only allowed to say what a poor secretary of state she had been. Thousands of classified documents are to this day unaccounted for, a criminal offense. The U.S. attorney general then fell in step and said she would not prosecute.

The scariest part of having the Clintons in the White House is simple. They will name the next two or three Supreme Court justices,which will spell the end of conservative government.

Donald Trump may have a big mouth and, at times a foul mouth, but he is campaigning on overhauling the most corrupt government we have ever seen. He gets my vote.

Bruce W. Hallowell

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