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Your dream house awaits for only $22 million
One-of-a-kind home includes car barn, waterfalls, and it still on the market
This home for sale on Tanners Mill Circle in Gainesville has five bedrooms, a car barn, expansive grounds and gardens and sells for $22 million.

Priced at $22 million, the Tanners Mill Ranch is certainly not a home for your average buyer.

But Realtor Tony Funari said that's not going to stop those interested from looking for the perfect situation.

The five-bedroom, 4 1/2 bathroom home sits on a sprawling 435 acre lot on Tanners Mill Circle in Gainesville.

The property features a stream, waterfalls and expansive gardens, according to the Funari listing.

"It just has everything it needs for someone that wants their privacy but (also wants to) get around and travel," Funari said, referring to its proximity to the airport.

"It's certainly an incredible property and is right for someone, possibly an athlete, someone in the entertainment business or corporate America."

With that kind of clientele, it's an added bonus the ranch has plenty of room for toys — 40,000 square feet to be exact.

Homeowner Milton Robson, the founder of PFG-Milton's, had converted a horse barn into a climate-controlled structure to house his collection of automobiles.

The "car barn" consists of a front office where Audie Murphy's saddle is on display and a western staircase leads to a full 1900s San Francisco-style saloon.

The inside of the barn also features a Chevrolet and Pontiac dealership facade, a Mobil gas station, a barber and soda shop and a store housing Robson's collection of cap guns and BB guns.

But even with all its bells and whistles, the property hasn't sold after a year on the market, something Funari said doesn't worry him.

"That's not unusual for one-of-a-kind properties. There's not that many purchasers out there for that price point," he said.

"Everything is affected by problems in the economy. It may change the makeup of who interested parties might be, but there is a certainly a purchaser out there who is not affected and it could be an ideal situation for them. ...

"There is no such thing (as a usual buy time) in this market. It only takes one buyer and they can show up tomorrow or six months from now. You just keep doing the best you can to serve your clients and try to get the property sold."

Funari said they've already had a few nibbles and plan on showing the house in near future.

But as for who the new neighbors may be, Funari said your guess is as good as his.

"In most cases, they kind of keep quiet," he said. "Their agents and things like that contact us."