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Accountant Jennifer Gibbs running for clerk of courts
Jennifer Gibbs

Certified public accountant Jennifer Gibbs announced her candidacy for the Hall County clerk of courts.

A graduate of Johnson High School and the University of North Georgia, Gibbs has a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“It’s 2020 and the important business duties of the Clerk’s office should be run with the efficiencies provided by today’s technologies to improve the experience of those relying on the office and provide savings to taxpayers. The education and on-going training I’ve had as a CPA along with my 20+ years of experience in business and accounting make me uniquely qualified to handle the challenges of the office,” Gibbs said in a release announcing her candidacy.

On her campaign website, Gibbs described herself as a lifelong Hall County resident and a “fiscally conservative Republican with strong family, Christian and community values.”

Gibbs is married to former Hall County commissioner Scott Gibbs and has a son, David.

According to her website, Gibbs said she has “over two decades of the hands-on business experience needed to run the Clerk of Court’s office.”