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Charges dismissed against man accused of trying to sell fake gold bars
Steven Ty Edmondson

Update: Two theft counts were dismissed in 2018 against Steven Ty Edmondson. He entered a guilty plea on one count of misdemeanor obstruction, for which he was sentenced to 12 months of probation.

Original story: An Anderson, S.C., man is accused of trying to sell fake gold bars at a Gainesville pawn shop, according to authorities.

Steven Ty Edmondson, 42, was charged in a Dec. 15 indictment with attempted theft by deception.

According to court documents, Edmondson allegedly took fake gold bars in 2015 to Double Deuce Pawn and Gun.

Edmondson’s attorney Walker Rick said he had no comment at this time regarding the charges.

Shopowner Jesse Mowbray said a man came in with multiple bars that were “wrapped up like you get them when you buy them from a smelter or a refinery.” According to the indictment, Edmondson allegedly received $920.

“They looked kind of funky at first,” Mowbray said.

After the man left, Mowbray said he pulled out the bar and claimed it was plated. From his conversations with others in the pawn community, Mowbray said similar items have been coming from overseas.

“I’ve actually spoken to several other pawnbrokers that have bought the same stuff and have gotten burned on it,” he said.

When the man returned to Mowbray’s store, Mowbray said he called Gainesville police. Edmondson is accused of also exiting the “officer’s patrol car and fleeing on foot while handcuffed and under arrest,” according to the indictment.