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Flowery Branch receives new downtown timepiece
Flowery Branch city officials and visitors linger following the dedication of a new clock Thursday in the downtown area. The clock was donated to the city by Claire Hamlin and her late husband, Steve.

FLOWERY BRANCH — When the pedestal clock arrived at her house in 2000, Claire Hamlin questioned her husband about one thing: Why didn’t the metal plate above the clock bear the family’s name?

Instead, it read: “Flowery Branch.”

Steve Hamlin said he envisioned the couple someday donating the timepiece to the city, where the couple lived.

That day came Thursday, with city officials holding a dedication ceremony for the antique-looking green clock before the Flowery Branch City Council meeting.

“It’s a beautiful clock that’s been installed for a few days now,” Mayor Mike Miller said. “Through the years, I’m sure millions of people will be able to see this clock as they pass on the (Amtrak) train going to and from Washington, D.C.”

The clock, which is fixed into a brick-layered base, sits next to the Historic Depot off Railroad Avenue and Main Street.

Sadly, for the large Hamlin family that gathered for the occasion, Steve Hamlin died Saturday after a battle with cancer.

“God bless my wonderful, wonderful husband,” Claire Hamlin said as she pulled the ribbon that loosened the white sheet covering the clock. “We dedicate this to the city.”

In remarks before the unveiling, she thanked city officials and the efforts of Dinah Wayne, who, as director of Flowery Branch’s Better Hometown program, spearheaded restoration of the depot.

“You’ll always know what time it is, but somebody’s got a responsibility of (keeping correct time) whenever there’s a storm and the power goes out,” Hamlin said.

“Or you’re going to get a call the next morning from somebody who’s going to say you didn’t change the clock.”

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