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Cost of new Sardis Road compactor site nearly doubles
The planned new Sardis compactor site that will replace the current one on Sardis Road has been estimated now to cost about $575,000 to build.

A project to build a new Sardis Road compactor site is running almost 100 percent over budget, Hall County commissioners learned at a work session Monday.

The original budget of $300,000 ballooned to $575,000, Public Works Director Ken Rearden said.

To make up the difference, Rearden requested the use of a “non-expense revenue” in the budget of $366,805.

“Basically, we’re going to use mostly our on-call contractors to finish up the construction of this and hopefully have it opened by the summer,” Rearden said.

Commissioner Jeff Stowe was puzzled at how the proposed budget for the project missed the mark so badly.

“Why did we miss the budget by almost 100 percent?” Stowe asked.

Rearden attributed the additional costs to the $80,000 cost of each self-contained compactor and the complete concrete paving of the entire site. He said the county no longer has in-house personnel to do such work.

“With the cutdown of the in-house forces, and the size of this site using the concrete and having to build a stormwater pond, buying five self-contained compactors, we did miss that budget,” Rearden said.

The project sits on 2.9 acres donated by Hall County school district less than a half mile from the current site.

Stowe pushed back.

“I’m all for making it look good and I understand we have to do certain things. It’s just frustrating to miss the budget by that much,” the commissioner said.

Right now residents who take their trash to the old location have one compactor, but the new facility will have compactors for paper and cardboards, aluminum and plastics and two for household garbage.

Rearden said workers have already started clearing the site. He called the future facility “a first-class site.”