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After hearing shots, Lula man breaks up domestic violence
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Lula resident Joseph Natividad heard the pop of a gun in front of his Grove Street home in Lula Tuesday, May 15, 2018, and saw a man attempting to grab a bleeding woman. - photo by Scott Rogers

A domestic assault was broken up by a bystander’s gunfire on Grove Street in Lula on Tuesday, May 15.

The names of the man and woman involved in the domestic dispute were not named by the Hall County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday. A man shot a female victim with a BB or pellet gun in the late morning in Lula before both fled the scene. The unidentified man was arrested in White County and the woman suffered a “superficial wound,” according to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.

That it was only a pellet gun that was used on Tuesday didn’t save Joseph Natividad, who lives on Grove Street in Lula, from a bad scare.

He described what he thought was a shooting to The Times at the scene.

“I was sitting in the garage and a car come by real slow,” Natividad said just after the event took place on Tuesday.

A silver Jeep pulled into a driveway at a home across the street.

“As soon as they drove up in there, she started screaming and hollering and yelling,” he said. “All of a sudden I heard, ‘Pow!’ a shot go off. She jumped out of the car and come running across the street into (someone’s) yard.”

A woman with multicolored hair ran from the Jeep.

“She looked back at him and told him, “You son of a b***h, you shot me. I’ve got blood on me,” Natividad said. “I went in the house and got my pistol, and when I got back out he had backed up to about where this last car is, and he’s screaming at her to get in the car, get in the car. He jumped out and went behind the house and grabbed her and started dragging her out, dragging her toward the car. I fired in the air and I told him, ‘Turn the girl loose.’ And he didn’t do it. I fired one more time and I said, ‘Turn the girl loose,’ and he didn’t do it.”

And then Natividad said he got the surprise of his life.

“I draw the bead on him, and he looked up and see me with the weapon pointed at his forehead, and he turned the girl loose and got in the car. He hollered again, and then I was surprised — the surprise of my life,” he said. “She went around and got in the car with him.”

The Jeep then drove away from the area and Natividad called 911. The case remains under investigation by Hall County.

Photographer Scott Rogers contributed to this report.

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