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Gainesvilles Micah Massey credits higher power for his Grammy-winning song
Micah Massey’s “Your Presence is Heaven” received the award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Song at the 55th Grammy Awards on Feb. 10. Massey is the music pastor at Free Chapel Worship Center.

“Music itself is such a powerful thing,” Micah Massey said.

“Music has the power to do a lot of things. It engages us mentally, physically, spiritually. I don’t think it’s just something that exists like any other creation. It’s something that has a lot of power ... it is a great way for people to be taught about God and to engage with God.”

Massey, worship leader at Free Chapel Church in Gainesville, said he prays that God uses him to create music that brings people closer to the Gospel.

Perhaps those prayers have been answered.

Massey was recently awarded Best Contemporary Christian Music Song for his song “Your Presence is Heaven” at the 55th annual Grammy Awards pre-telecast ceremony Feb. 10 in California.

Massey co-wrote the song with Israel Houghton, worship leader at Lakeview Church in Houston, Texas. The song was featured on the Grammy nominated album “Jesus at the Center” by Israel & New Breed. The song also appears on “Echo,” the first album produced by Free Chapel Records which was released last year.

The song tied for the award with Matt Redman’s song “10,000 Reasons.”

Massey said he’s honored by the award but gives all the credit to God.

“There is no way I’m smart enough or talented enough to accomplish this,” Massey said, laughing. “It’s all God and all the glory goes to him for it. I’m just very, very thankful.”

Massey said he has dreams of using music to provide a voice for those in need and hopes the award is only the beginning of achieving that goal.

“I pray for more songs and more than anything I’m just committed to the church and committed to the ministry,” Massey said. “I just want to be a voice for the voiceless. I want to help people.”

Massey’s love of music and God began at an early age; both his parents are musicians and ministers. But he said he didn’t start playing music seriously until he was about 12 years old.

Not long after that he started leading youth worship services at his father’s church. From that moment, Massey was hooked.

“For me there is nothing like it. It’s what I feel like I was put on this earth to do,” Massey said. “It’s all about God and the glory of God and just pointing the people toward what he’s done. Not just in my life but for all of us.”

After graduating from college in 2009, Massey, 25, started volunteering with the church’s youth ministry.

Pastor Jentezen Franklin said when he first met Massey, he thought he was a young man with a lot of talent. After watching him work with the youth program for two years, Franklin decided to hire him.

“His music was just so touching and great. We just decided to make him out worship leader over our whole program here,” Franklin said. “Then a few months later, he writes this song and the next thing we know it’s won a Grammy. We’re so proud of him. He’s just an awesome kid who loves God and has a beautiful spirit about him.”

Massey calls his job as a worship leader a “great honor and a great privilege,” one that he doesn’t take lightly.

He said it’s a miracle to be able to worship at all and he’s honored to be able to help lead others to God.

The award winning song was actually inspired by Massey’s desire to encourage people to seek God’s presence. He said the song was written to help people refocus and ask themselves what it is they really desire.

“What are we really seeking heaven for?” Massey said. “Is it riches, fame? What is it? In the end, our hearts should be on the presence of God. Because if not God, then what are we here for?”

Lamar Jones has been a Free Chapel member for 20 years. He said the song is one of his favorites.

“We enjoy the praise and worship that he produces at the church,” Jones said. “He just does a great job and he’s humble as he goes about it. We’re just really proud of him and glad to have him there at the church.”

Franklin said he thinks everyone at the church shares a sense of pride in Massey’s award.

“It really is kind of a celebration for our whole music program,” Franklin said. “There are so many people that have worked so hard for many years trying to get us where we are and we just feel like our future musically for our team is even brighter and hopefully we’ll be reaching more people with the message.”

Massey will begin recording a new album which will be released through the ministry in the next year.

“He’s got many more great songs in him,” Franklin said. “He’s got a great heart.”