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Local artist unveils car part art
Art show combines creativity with love of motorsports
0616 CAR ART
Local artist Chad Shore will unveil his latest creations with car parts this weekend in Buford.

Most people can only dream of owning a car like a Porsche. For artist Chad Shore, the dream is a bit different.

Shore dreams of taking the elegant sports car and turning it into a work of art, literally.

Chad Shore has been producing art professionally for about 12 years, and he has decided to take his work in a new direction. Earlier this year, Shore started working on what he calls "Car Part Art."

The name says it all. Essentially, Shore uses pieces of car bodies like fenders and hoods as a canvas to host new paintings.

Shore said he wanted to start off with something that would get the attention of the car enthusiasts in the area.

"The colors I chose are from a paint scheme from the older 70’s and 80’s Porsches called Martini," Shore said. Martini is basically a paint scheme used in those eras, consisting of white, blue and red, according to Shore.

"This is something that’s already apparent to the Porsche enthusiasts," Shore said, speaking of his chosen theme. "It’s easy to recognize, and the car people will know it right off."

Not only has Shore been hard at work producing his pieces, he has also worked tirelessly to get this weekend’s show organized.

Shore pointed out it is more of a motorsports event that features some creative art work, rather than just an art exhibit.

The event is gaining the attention of the high-end sports car community. There are links for "Car Part Art" on the websites of both Porsche and Audi, according to Shore.

"Anybody and anything that has to do with motorsports will be there. You’re talking representatives from some major race teams, including drivers and crews. You name it and they’ll be there," Shore said.

Shore said that participants are encouraged to park their cars in designated areas for crowd display. Also, Kinetic Motorsports will open up the doors for tours of the mechanic shop and inside looks at some of the cars.

"If you like high-end cars, you can definitely get into it. Enthusiasts will love it," Shore said.

There’s no way you can come to the show and stay less that two hours with everything that’s going on."

"Car Part Art" will be on display from 6-10 p.m. on Saturday at Kinetic Motorsports in Buford. Kinetic Motorsports is located at 6000 Holiday Road. The free event is open to the public.

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