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Blues band is on musical mission
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Frankie’s Blues Mission
9 p.m. Saturday
Where: Monkey Barrel, 115 Washington St., Gainesville
How much: $5
More info: 770-297-0116

With influences such as B.B. King, Magic Sam and T-Bone Walker, Frankie’s Blues Mission is set to take locals on a blues and jazz journey on Saturday.

Frankie Lee Robinson said it will be nothing like anyone has seen before.

“We treat it like a trip across the country,” said Robinson, guitarist and lead singer. “We’re gonna be doing straight ahead New Orleans groove, West-side Chicago, we’re going to be taking them on a little ride.

“A lot of what actually is called blues these days is actually rock and that’s something that we made a conscious decision to stay away from. What people are going to see is truly American music; they are going to see music that is going to make them get up and dance, make them move.”

Frankie’s Blues Mission, from Atlanta, will play for the first time on Saturday at Monkey Barrel. They will perform originals for about a third of the show, mainly from their newest EP “Sleeping Dogs.” The rest of the show will be blues and jazz covers.

The band has four members, including a bassist Kermit Maxwell, drummer Al Largo and the newest member, pianist Dan Turner.

“He really fills out our sound,” Robinson said. “We were full before as a trio and now lets just say it’s like another color on the palette.”

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