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Letter: Too many on ‘religious right’ guided by fear rather than hope, love, faith

Thank you editors for having the courage to publish Michael Gerson’s article on” “Religious right becomes a tribe of sycophants.” That took courage as many readers will angrily disagree.

On Tuesday, Oct. 31, the world notes and celebrates the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, a movement that transformed Europe and sent changes that rippled around the world. Martin Luther dared to stand up to the rampant political and church corruption and abuse of power of his day. How we need another Luther today!

Many of the “religious right” have substituted fear for faith: Fear of others, fear of different races, fear of losing out, fear of those who do not think as me. Instead of hope, we now embrace despair, a dark and negative worldview that sees the world “going to hell in a handbasket” unless some self-proclaimed “savior” can save us. 

Instead of love, we now embrace animosity, acrimony, walls that separate, rejection of those who are different and laws that banish and condemn. We have wandered far from the teachings of Jesus! Luther, how we need you to return again!

The Rev. Dr. Allen J. Swanson


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