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Letter: The right supports a double standard on US foreign policy, health care
02012018 LETTER

In my last letter, I asked why Mike McConnell was trying to tell Democrats what to think and how to vote. This question was based on McConnell’s prior letter, in which he said to Democrats: “you guys really need to reconsider what you think you want.” The clarification offered in his new letter is much appreciated. That said, McConnell’s letter indicates he continues to be more focused on telling voters “scary things” about the Democratic party than modifying Republican policies to better serve the public. 

My observation is many recent letters reflect a coordinated effort to smear the Democrats by falsely associating it with communism and violent, criminal tactics of the left-wing protest group Antifa. It’s been called the “red scare.” Conservatives are cultivating a fear that adoption of socialist policies would automatically mean we would have a dictator instead of a president. That’s not true. 

Readers can say whatever they believe in their letters, but they should be accountable for their words. Anyone writing a partisan political letter to this paper should expect someone in the readership will check their facts, analyze their logic and rational argument, and fairly evaluate the relative application of their moral positions. 

I understand basic conservative opposition to socialist governments like those in Cuba and Venezuela. However, I’d like to know why the United States has made communist China it’s No. 1 trading partner. If we adopt this anti-socialism standard, shouldn’t we apply it uniformly? Why should we pursue sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela while making Communist China our No. 1 trading partner? 

The apparent answer is corporate profit. This double standard exists because political demands of corporations have made it that way. These demands have a greater effect on our foreign policy than the interest of the people and concerns over credibility of our government. 

In my last letter, I mentioned the massive conservative attack that destroyed Obamacare by defunding it. President Donald Trump promised to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, but Republicans have offered no replacement. It’s time Republicans passed a plan covering health care for all Americans. Instead, they’ve been busy pushing sanctions against Venezuela, Cuba, Russia and Iran. 

The latest Republican health care proposal includes huge cost increases for the elderly and eliminates assistance for the poor. This could cause 22 million Americans to lose their health insurance. Republicans say we cannot provide health care for all our citizens even though every other G-7 country has done it. 

So why is our system broken? I believe the underlying problem is lack of effective cost controls for health care at the point of delivery. High prices in a fixed market drive up insurance costs. This reflects a vested interest of insurance companies to maintain high prices in a closed market. That arrangement unfairly shuts many people out of the market. Profit seems to come before human lives. That’s unacceptable. We can’t make America great again if we don’t take care of our own people first. 

That’s my opinion. What say you? 

Bruce Vandiver


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