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Letter: Men’s move to nearly ban abortion in Alabama will unite women for revolution
Alabama abortion
Margeaux Hartline, dressed as a handmaid, joins a rally May 14, 2019, against HB 314, near-total ban on abortion, outside of the Alabama Statehouse in Montgomery, Alabama. - photo by Associated Press

On May 14, Alabama passed House Bill 314, which bans all abortions, unless it saves the mother’s life, and it does not permit abortions for rape and incest.

This bill was passed in the Senate by 25 legislators in Montgomery, all of them men, white and Republican. None of these lawmakers experienced giving birth and none will experience it in the future. Yet they claim to know what is best for the women in Alabama.

These men have basically informed women that in this state if you are raped, we are not allowing you to make your own choice.

In the past, Alabama has shown little concern for the health care of its mothers. Out of 67 counties, only half have an obstetrician, a specialist in pregnancies.

Gov. Kay Ivey, who recently approved the House bill, speaks for a lot of women, “Every life is a sacred gift from God.”

The scientific explanation is that conception produces a zygote through the union of a sperm cell with an egg cell. Zygotes, however, have only about a 50% chance of attaching to the uterus wall where they receive the nourishment to survive. The other 50% of fertilized eggs are flushed out in women’s regular menstruation.

The woman is not aware that a fertilized egg was aborted by nature. God and/or nature appear to be comfortable with a 50% failure rate for the fertilized egg to attach itself in utero thereby nullifying its existence.

Intelligent people are on both sides of the abortion argument, but neither side is facing the real issue. It is obvious that women, with the help of men, are having babies but do not want babies. This problem is preventable. They should either abstain from sexual activity or use contraceptives.

Only a small percentage of abortions are necessary to save a mother’s life or as a result of rape. Most abortions are chosen because a baby is not desired at the time, for whatever reason. Just stop producing unwanted babies. Men, that includes you.

White men, who are voted into office in Alabama by the people and for the people, should quit deciding for women what they can or cannot do with their men-produced pregnancies. That is sexist, immoral, and in the end, unworkable.

The result is that Alabama male legislators may have unwittingly set the stage for uniting women for a revolution in the U.S.

Calvin King


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