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Opinion: Our community must oppose antifa

As a loyal Democrat in Hall County, I support good government, responsible leadership and the rule of law. Consequently, I must oppose anyone who supports or lends assistance to radical anarchist groups such as antifa. 

These groups have no place in a community that is trying to solve community problems collectively. That’s the exact opposite of anarchy.

I reject, and urge other members of my community, to reject logistical support to these groups if they try to organize direct action activities in Hall County. I realize that the passage of SB 202 has angered many people, but supporting groups like antifa is not the way to oppose voter suppression. Registering and educating voters is. 

Attempts to use violence to disrupt the vote is illegal, and I absolutely reject such efforts. There is no place for violence in our community, and any group that supports violence should be shunned. I urge my fellow Democrats to avoid these radicals and to stay completely away from their organizing efforts, whether online or in person. We don’t need antifa in Hall County!

Andrew Colaninno

Flowery Branch