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Opinion: Impeachment hearings have proven nothing
December 2019

This is in response to letter on Saturday’s opinion page. I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the accusations and concerns of this man. 

He spoke of the Constitution — wonder if he has read it lately. It may be a good thing for him to do so. He, along with many other uninformed folks, feels that Trump should be impeached. 

He was elected by the people and fairly. Frankly, however, I am appalled that although he has proven undoubtedly to have done more than any other president in my lifetime, they continue to try and destroy him. 

We all have a right to our opinion but it needs to be based on facts, not opinions. 

I watched all the hearings and nothing was proven. I have watched CNN and MSNBC and their hate for our president. 

He has done a great job in spite of how he has been ridiculed. No, he is not a perfect man but neither are we. 

Are you sure you watched the same impeachment hearings that I did.?We need to be careful about whom we listen to. Our president needs our prayers.

Beth Brock


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