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Opinion: Clyde is no coward
02012018 LETTER

Responding do Bryan Sorohan’s letter in the July 31-Aug. 1 weekend edition of The Times:

When a person calls one a coward it should be a face-to-face encounter, just a woman’s opinion. Your words spoke louder than the point you where trying to make.

Rep. Andrew Clyde in your mind is a political coward for not agreeing to your point of view. Then you proceed to use words of personal attack calling him a hypocritical liar and having a master. 

I cannot speak for Rep. Clyde, but I applaud him for not going low as we Republicans stay high. The attack on Jan. 6 was not terrorists; it was a riot with no excuse for the rioters. 

The chain of command for the U.S. Capitol Police is Nancy Pelosi, and she let them down. Her response to the riot left the Capitol Police vulnerable to be hurt, as well as the Democrats’ motto to defund the police. 

The Capitol Police as well as all law enforcement are doing the best they can under the restriction given by the Congress. Maybe being protected by the Capitol Police is a learning curve for all Congress. They are safe and protected, so that feeling should be for every person in the United States.

My hope is that you will apologize to Rep. Clyde. America is suffering with prices up, safety compromised, COVID-19 and the border just to name a few things. I am proud to stand as a friend to President Donald Trump as well as Rep. Clyde.

Helen Stell