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Letter: Doctors leaving heart center could have done it differently

This is in reference to the 12 doctors who walked out of Northeast Georgia Heart Center leaving hundreds of us scrounging for another cardiologist.

It's too bad we had to learn of this on Facebook before the names were publicized, which caused me to call Dr. Jeffrey Marshall's office to confirm he was one of the 12.

A large article was written by Megan Reed in today's Gainesville Times. How lovely for these 12 doctors to join the hundreds in the Atlanta area leaving us mountain folks in a lurch with limited doctors with not even an apology to us from Dr. Marshall and his colleagues for the way they went about this.

Now I wonder what kind of care are we going to receive when we stay with Northeast Georgia Heart Center after we merge into their patient load. A 15-minute time slot is hardly sufficient as it is.

I lost two good PCP's here in the Demorest area who moved out of the state, and I know for a fact they did not leave for a larger paycheck. I was given ample written notice before they left to obtain another physician.

I sincerely hope these 12 have success in their new cardiology institute, but I can't help feeling they could have gone about this in a different way.

Ross and Lee Davis


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