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No plans to reopen Platt Park
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Can you tell me when and if Platt Park will reopen soon? I have recently read about the new Cherokee Bluffs Park being approved and improvement to other existing parks being made, but see other parks that the county closed several years ago due to financial constraints sitting unused and becoming rundown over time. Thank you for the information.

Platt Park, which is in South Hall County on East Reed Road in the Chestnut Mountain area, was closed in 2011 because of budget cutbacks for the county’s Parks and Leisure Department, along with several other parks.

The 10.5-acre park has 15 picnic sites, a pavilion/covered picnic shelter, a tennis court, restrooms, a ballfield, a playground and parking area.

There are no immediate plans to reopen the park.

“At this point, we will continue to maintain the park at minimal standards and explore all options this fall,” Hall County Commissioner Craig Lutz said. “Maintenance staffing levels continue to provide a challenge.”

“As far as Platt Park,” he added, “if we opened it, utilities would be minimal.”

Lutz said the pavilion and bathrooms remain in good shape, but the tennis court is presently not usable and would need to be resurfaced.

“The county intends to ask the voters for some money in the next SPLOST that could be used to resurface the court,” he said.

As for the ballfield, Lutz said it “probably just needs to be fenced ‘open space.’”

Cherokee Bluffs Park meanwhile is set to break ground next month. The 100-acre park along Blackjack Road in Flowery Branch near Sterling on the Lake subdivision is planned to include a 2,500-square-foot community building, pavilion, concession stand and outdoor amphitheater.

The site includes a man-made pond and a smaller natural one, as well as natural granite outcroppings that are planned to be available for free climbing once the park is open.

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