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Library employees received different bonus then county employees
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Did Hall County library employees get the big bonus that other county employees received?

Library employees are not considered county employees, according to county Library Director Adrian Mixson. He said the library operates under the library board, which includes two appointees from each of the county commissioners.

Though they didn’t receive the same bonus as county employees, they did receive one of their own. The board voted last month to grant every library employee a $200 bonus, still a far cry from county employees who received between $250 and $1,000 depending on their seniority and whether they are part-time or full-time.

About 75 percent of the library’s funding comes from Hall County, 5 percent from various grants and 20 percent from the state, Mixson said. Several library employees participate in the state retirement system, the same system used for teachers.

State funding is declining, though. The Hall County Library System is expected to receive about $71,000 less next fiscal year due to a change in the state funding formula.

Impending financial troubles aside, Mixson does have something to be happy about.

“We just had a sterling audit,” he said. “The auditors said we use our money very wisely, and not irresponsibly, despite declining revenue.”

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