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Ask The Times: No violent offenders take part in work details
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What are the policies of the Hall County Jail and the Hall County Correctional Institution when it comes to work details? Are there rules about how close they can get to a school or places such as Frances Meadows Aquatic Center?

Both the Hall County Jail and Correctional Institution have only nonviolent offenders on their inmate work details. They also don’t allow sex offenders to be on the details, the Jail by policy and the Correctional Institute because it doesn’t house sex offenders.

“As far as Hall County inmate work details, all of our inmates go through a vetting process before they are selected to be on a work crew,” Hall County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Deputy Nicole Bailes wrote in an email. “There are no guidelines or policies that prohibit work details from being in the area of schools or public buildings such as Frances Meadows.”

She added that inmates selected for work details are “those with mild offenses.”

“All of our inmate work details are supervised by a Correctional officer and there are no more than eight inmates assigned to any one detail,” Walt Davis, warden for the Hall County Correctional Institution, wrote in an email. “We generally do not go on department of education property, but will pick up the streets around schools.”

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