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THE GUN AND THE BAG, a series: The story of Adam English, a man shot by police after reports he was waving a gun around
09182021 ENGLISHfowlerbodycam.jpg
This screen grab is taken from former Gainesville police officer Jonathan Fowler's bodycam footage on Sept. 20, 2019, approximately two seconds before officers opened fire on Adam English. The original footage is dark, so this image has been color-corrected to lighten it to allow a better view of what officers saw. The red streak is a lens flare.

This series tells the story of Adam English, who on Sept. 20, 2019, was shot and killed by police after reports he was waving a gun around outside a medical office on a busy thoroughfare in Gainesville. The Times was first on the scene and provided coverage as the story unfolded. 

When the case was closed more than a year later, the investigative files became available under open records laws. The Times worked for months to get those records from the GBI, eventually obtaining hundreds of pages of documents, photos and hours of audio interviews. After technical and mail delivery issues obtaining the records, they were provided at no cost. The Times then paid $289.36 to obtain body camera footage from Gainesville Police.

 This series is an effort to more fully tell what happened on the side of Jesse Jewell Parkway that day.