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Gainesville Schools needs substitute teachers. Here's what's being done to attract them
The Gainesville City School System board of education gathers for a meeting on Monday, Oct. 19 at the Public Safety Office in Gainesville. - photo by Nathan Berg

The Gainesville City School System board of education approved a new incentive for substitute teachers during a Monday evening meeting that could pay long-term substitutes up to $200 extra per month. 

According to chief professional services officer Priscilla Collins, the change is being made due to a shortage in available substitute teachers due to effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gainesville Superintendent Jeremy Williams added that the school system is “20% to 25% short on substitutes.” 

Under the current payment system, all non-certified teaching substitutes make $85 a day, certified teaching substitutes make $115 a day and long-term substitutes – those who spend more than 19 consecutive days in a classroom – make $140 a day. Under the newly approved system, daily rates will not be affected, but substitutes could make more depending on how many days they spend in a classroom per month.  

All substitutes who spend between five and nine days out of a month in a classroom will make $50 more for that month, those who spend 10 to 14 days will make an extra $100, those who spend 15-19 days will make an extra $150 and those who spend 19 or more days in a month in a classroom will be awarded an extra $200.  

The new payment plan will be applied retroactively starting with the month of October, so substitutes who have already been working this month have an opportunity to benefit from the new incentives.  

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