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Panaderia mi Tierra makes fresh bread daily
Bakery owner Jose Hernandez creates different batches to tease customers taste buds
One of two display cases holds the bread of the day at Panaderia mi Tierra off Atlanta Highway in Gainesville. The breads range from conchas to orejas. Conchas are circular-shaped bread with a white crust pattern of a conch shell. They are in the top left corner. Orejas, translated as ears, are made with a flaky dough and lacquered with sugar. They are the pastry on the far right middle shelf. - photo by CHARLES OLSEN
Early each morning, Jose Hernandez and his wife, Anna Olvera, are in their bakery mixing ingredients for different batches of bread for the day at Panaderia mi Tierra in Gainesville. Conchas, crescents and bolillos to be exact. If you’re unfamiliar with a concha, it’s a typical Mexican sweet pastry made from water, eggs, sugar, flour, salt, yeast and margarine.