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Young voters making their choices now on who to support for president
GOP 2016 Debate Casa
The candidates stand behind their podiums Sept. 16 during the CNN Republican presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, Calif.

With the presidential election closing in, many teens and young voters will be stepping into a voting booth for their first time.

Many of those new voters will be making their decision soon about who to support even though the election isn't for another 12 months.

The recent GOP debate left many Republicans and first-time voters to pick sides on who should receive the Republican nomination.

“I am a supporter of Sen. (Marco) Rubio and Donald Trump,” West Hall High School senior Nicholas Quatraro said. “I believe Carly Fiorina was the clear winner.”

Candidates are stressing the importance more and more of voter turnout.

Especially with this new group of first-time voters, the political spectrum may change drastically next November.

"I believe this election is important for teens like me, because it is our first voting year,” Quatraro said. “The president for the next four or eight years will impact us in college and graduate school. It's important to be a knowledgeable and informed voter to make the best decision for America."

The main way for teens to have a confident decision when they are in the voting booth next November is to stay informed and get involved.

“Ideas influence public policy, policies that will impact the lives of young voters,” U.S. Rep. Doug Collins said. “I encourage all young people to study the candidates and to get involved in the process.”

Yes, the next presidential election seems so close yet so far, but now is the time that candidates need to try their hardest to sway voters in order for candidates to get their party's bid for presidential candidate.

You will hear what candidates from the Democratic party have to offer in the Democratic Primary Debate on Oct. 13.

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