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Teen voters embrace opportunity to take part in Super Tuesday
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Happy Super Tuesday, Young Edge readers!

Super Tuesday was a fun experience for first-time teen voters. Some teens before school and after school went and contributed their vote into the polls. For the first time some teens were able to express their own political views and not their parents’. The experience was expressed as “refreshing, dope and politically correct.”

Donald Trump supporter Leo Serres has been watching the candidates fight it out for months now, and he describes the back and forth as “a show to watch.” Serres went to a local church early Super Tuesday morning to make his vote. The Flowery Branch senior wore his, “I’m a Georgia Voter” sticker to school with a Trump “Make America Great Again” shirt.

Serres recently went to a Trump rally in Atlanta to listen to his views live and in person. Serres told Young Edge, “Voting today was more than an accomplishment for me, seeing that the elders in my family weren’t able to cast their vote.”

Sydney Dunigan restated the Marco Rubio slogan of, “The Republican that can beat Hillary and inspire a new generation.” Dunigan has really studied each of the candidates, Democrats as well as Republicans. Dunigan told Young Edge, “My family is a part of the Republican Party. Even though I ultimately did choose to vote for a Republican, I made sure I looked at Democratic views and candidates as well.”

Dunigan claims her voting experience Tuesday morning was, “refreshing. I felt like such an adult, like my voice truly mattered.”

Teen feminist April Jones was more than happy to cast her vote as soon as the polls opened Tuesday morning. Jones said, “I find it absolutely absurd America has never had a female president. It’s definitely time for a change, and Hillary Clinton is that change.”

Jones is a young woman involved in many activities such as women empowerment programs, women and child shelters, and mentoring younger girls at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hall County.

When asked to describe her voting experience Tuesday morning in a few words she described it as, “a pleasant change.”

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