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Sherby: Technology can be a pain
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Do you punish your elbow when you play? Tennis elbow is very common among tennis players and always has been. Exactly what causes it and why even doctors can’t get a handle on it is still a mystery.

However, if you’ve never had it and you suddenly get it, then suspect that new frame and/or latest restring.

Technology has enabled racket manufacturers to make frames extremely rigid. This alone could be directly transmitting shock and vibration in your arm. This is true because several companies are developing shock-absorbing gels in the mix of the frames to combat this detrimental effect.

Strings can also be a problem. Technology again has enabled manufacturers to make strings that are stiffer than ever before. Many hard-hitting players gravitate towards these strings because the firmness translates into a non-giving string face. This crushes the ball flat against the strings and elbows pay the price.

Of course, any string can be installed at high tension and the immidiate result is a firmer hit that puishes the arm.

Young players who play hard don’t seem to mind for awhile. Older players wonder if their arms are wearing out.

Consult your racket salesman/stringer. If you’ve got pain from new technology, it’s ultimately cheaper and better to change to another frame and/or new string at a lower tension.

Why hurt yourself?

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