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Lanier down 20 feet, but clear
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There are many humps, trees and long points exposed lake wide.

Be very careful running the lake.

Black bass fishing is slow but there are a few things to try. Jigs are a winter bait that can work if they are fished slowly on the structure in the creeks mid lake. There is some cold rain hitting the area this week and this has stabilized the lake level. The lake is clear and there are shad in the feeder creeks super shallow. The shad are flicking on the surface and small Shad Raps and small Rat L Traps will work, just be sure they are shad colored. Keep a spoon and a jig and pig ties on all day. Try shallow early and late and then in the middle of the day, go to the jig up in the rivers.

Spotted bass are hitting the cinnamon pepper creepy crawlers in five to 20 feet of water.

These fish are hitting these baits hard and it can be a small spot or one that goes over five pounds.

Fish shallow on any rocky point.

The drop shot is working with icicle, natural lite and natural blue being the good colors. As always this time of year, the small spoon is working deep on structure near creek channels. The one-ounce white Flex It spoon is best to use in the deeper water. Some of the spots are coming from as deep as 40 feet and some are located in the tops of trees. If the wind is blowing use an all white spinner bait can hit every rocky point you see and be sure the wind is blowing on the point. This seems better on the lower lake below Browns Bridge. You may have to run several holes to find where they are but if you find them you can catch a sack full.

Striper fishing has been good lake wide and there are still some fish feeding in all the lakes creeks.

Down-lining and flat-lining live bait in the backs of the creeks has been the best producer. Trout, herring and even large shiners will work.

Keep a fresh bait on at all times.

The lower lake creeks have been best this week. Trolling the umbrella rig while searching for fish in these areas will also pick up a few extras and allow you to cover more water. Troll these rigs over points and humps along the main channels for best results.

The north end of the lake on the other hand, has still been pretty active on the Chattahoochee arm.

Many of the creek up lake have been producing some decent fish.

The fish are holding between 25-to 35-feet deep and have been hitting jumbo minnows, blue backs and gizzards on down lines set at 25 and 30 feet, but the preferred bait seems to be blue backs.

Fish are also occasionally surfacing in these areas.

The best chance of finding surfacing fish has been in the later portions of the afternoon.

Make sure to have at least one free line out approximately 100- feet behind the boat while down lining the other bait, as you never know when these fish may come to the surface.

Casting Super Flukes and Red Fins can work also. If live bait fishing is not for you then trolling the four arm umbrella rings with all white jigs and trailer will put a few in the boat.

Remember to keep an eye on the birds and what they are doing.

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