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Lake Lanier Fishing Report: Luck on the lake changes like the levels
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Lake Lanier is down 19 feet and the lake is clear and 63 degrees.Bass fishing is fair but fluctuates with the ever-changing lake levels. Now it’s time to pull out the jigs and spoons. The bass will be right on and in the cover, and depths are from 7 to 17 feet deep. The primary structures are brush piles on and around docks.

Pick the upper end of the lake for black bass and find any warmer waters and use the spoons on creek channels and then a jig in all brown. Scent is a good way to get a few bites and Jack’s Juice in garlic is the best choice.

Zoom green pumpkin u-tail worms on a Texas rig is the other bait. Use a 3/16-ounce slip sinker and see how slowly you can fish this bait. Pick the upper lake creeks and even go to the backs of the creek afternoons for warmer water. Crankbaits are slow until later in the day. Try a small 200 series root beer Bandit on 10-pound test and make sure to cast the baits super shallow and dig up the bottom on the initial cast.

With the turnover bass scattered, do not spend any time in one location and range all day. Just pick any place and any bait. All the bass are very scattered and there is not any type of structure that seems to be prevailing. Later each day up river, use the chartreuse and white Bill Norman crankbaits or the chrome and blue combination Shad Rap crankbait. Jigs almost always work, but fish them very slowly over the heavy structure. The «-ounce all black Enticer jig will be a good choice with a matching pork trailer by Uncle Josh. Also work these lures in the same location for a few casts and this can make the better fish strike the lures.Spotted bass fishing is fair and there are deep and shallow fish. Keep a Red Fin or a Zara Spook on a ready rod all day.

Some spots are at 30- to 40-foot depths and pick the mouth of any major creek and run the Lowrance on and over the points and pockets close by. Follow the depths out and the fish will start to show up at 20 feet. All the fish are deep to at least 25 feet and any main lake point can be a hot spot. The trick is to fish them all and break out the good ones and work them with several baits.

There are a few small fish a little shallower, but they strike baits so lightly, unless you have a soft tip rod and light six-pound test, you will not feel the strikes. Use Zoom finesse worms in natural blue or Limeaide. With all the deep fish, there is little-to-no schooling and you can blame almost anything, but it’s surely turnover.

All the deep fish start at the 25-foot range. Spoons and even creepy crawlers will work from 20 out to 40 feet deep. Get next to the docks and work baits straight down. Again you have to find the right hole and it is not clear what makes a hole right other than depth. Drop shot rigs with small hooks and small, finesse-style baits will work and they seem to be producing a little better than a Texas rig. Sand worms, natural blue and cinnamon green pig and jigs or creepy crawlers are the baits of choice. Be sure to drop a «-ounce Flex It spoon on the same locations.Striper fishing is good and the fish have been moving around all day even in the rivers. Concentrate your search for the fish in the middle of any creek lakewide. The fish will move shallow on major feeding times, but they will return to the deep water. Use a set of flat lines, trout, herring and shad. Take some shiners also. We are getting a few birds on the lake to help us out so keep an eye on the gulls.

Upsize your baits and you will generate more strikes. Cast big topwater lures like Red Fins and Super Spooks to the surfacing fish. Pull free lines, balloons and even planer boards and get the baits out at least 60 feet. Be sure to run some trout and herring right up on the banks especially past Browns Bridge going north to Holly Park.Crappie fishing is slow lakewide. The fish are under the deeper docks and in off-shore brush and all the fish seem to be at 18 feet.

Lake Lanier report from Ken Sturdivant of "The Southern Fishing Report." Contact: 770-889-2654 or log onto

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