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Riverside places three on All-Region in 8-AA
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8-AA All Region First Team

Matthew Patton    LB    Banks County
Lee Smith    LB    Dawson County
Deon Sewell    RB    East Jackson
C.J. Allen    RB    East Jackson
Evan Williamson    QB    East Jackson
Logan Daves    OL/DL    Fannin County
Nick Dean    QB/FS    Fannin County
Darius Minor    QB    Jefferson
Lucas Redd    RB/LB    Jefferson
Kyle Mosley    LB    Jefferson
Zach Allen    DE    Jefferson
Taylor Maxey    MLB    North Oconee
Brandon Whitlock    RB    North Oconee
Lane Thompson    SS/WR/RB    North Oconee
A.J. Perlotte    QB    Oglethorpe
Deandre Stewart    RB/LB    Oglethorpe
Daniel Campbell    RB    Rabun County
Aaron Gambrah    LB    Riverside Military
Lucas Bersin    LB/QB    Riverside Military
Marlan Edwards    DE    Riverside Military
Kolt Owenby    QB    Union County
Blake Gowder    WR    Union County
T.J. Lowe    K    Oglethorpe Co.

Second Team All Region

Jeremy Greenway    LB/WB    Banks County
Travis Betts    OL/DL    Banks County
Ethan Brown    QB/FS    Dawson Co.
Zach Johnson    OL    Dawson Co.
Scott Hill    SS    East Jackson
Nick Fulks    DE     East Jackson
Drew Hunter    OLB     East Jackson
Matt Gray    LB    Fannin County
Drew Thomas    LB    Fannin County
J.J. Damons    RB/FS    Jefferson    
Caleb Meek    RB/DB    Jefferson
Hoytes Damons    TE/DE    Jefferson
Ryan Smith    DE    North Oconee
Orlando Cunningham    DL    Oglethorpe
Jordan Ferguson    DL    Oglethorpe
Marcus Alford    FB    North Oconee
Ryan Watts    LB    Rabun County
Peter Woerner    OL    Rabun County
Brandon McKinney    TE    Riverside
Kameron Clingman    OL    Riverside
Wesley Adams    DB/WR    Union County
Caylan Tanner    WR/DB    Union County
James Pinkerton     K    North Oconee

Honorable Mention

Clay Frink    Banks County
Brian Mathis    Banks County
Zack Sprayberry    Banks County
Isaac Mayfield    Banks County
Eli Autry    Banks County
Riley Nicholson    Banks County
Darrell Childress    Banks County
Eian Perry    Dawson County
Matt Satterfield    Dawson County
Levi Wilson    Dawson County
Cody Smith    Dawson County
TC Collins    East Jackson
Trevor Jones    East Jackson
Tyler Akin    East Jackson
Parker Wilson    East Jackson
Cody Gibbs    East Jackson
Michael Watson    East Jackson
Tim Franklin    East Jackson
Derrick Bozeman    East Jackson
Wade Mize    East Jackson
Kirk Cross    Fannin County
Eric Payne    Fannin County
Garrison Kreis    Fannin County
Lukas Garren    Fannin County
TJ Kolacz    Fannin County
Weston Quintrell    Fannin County
Austin Przybysz    Jefferson
Sam Loggins    Jefferson
Tyler Porter    Jefferson
Sky Porter    Jefferson
Cody Berryman    Jefferson
Chris Jackson    Jefferson
Charlie McClure    Jefferson
Kevin Selleck    Jefferson
Levi Street    North Oconee
Sam Stewart    North Oconee
Jesse Webb    North Oconee
Dillan Prather    North Oconee
Victor Pallotta    North Oconee
Joseph Scelfo    North Oconee
Matt Sims    North Oconee
Jake Jerkins    North Oconee
Trey Hale III    North Oconee
Montana Casper    North Oconee
DJ Johnson    Oglethorpe County
Keeon Nash    Oglethorpe County
Eric Gordon    Oglethorpe County
Davis Meyer    Oglethorpe County
Dillon Bleckley    Rabun County
Jack Woerner    Rabun County
Tanner Wright    Rabun County
Tadd Black    Rabun County
Austin Gragg    Rabun County
Dellon James    Rabun County
Richard Tribble    Riverside Military
Seth Sloan    Riverside Military
Brian Cox    Riverside Military
John Walker    Riverside Military
Alex O’Donnell    Riverside Military
Cole Tudor    Riverside Military
Michael Sossie    Union County
Cody Keys    Union County
Gabe Miller    Union County
C. J. King    Union County

Three Riverside Military Academy football players were named to the first team All-Region 8-AA, which was released on Tuesday.

Senior linebacker Aaron Gambrah, senior linebacker/quarterback Lucas Bersin, and sophomore Marlan Edwards all made the list for the Eagles.

Union County quarterback Kolt Owenby and senior wide receiver Blake Gowder also received first team honors.



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