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Gainesville native selected for Pit Crew U
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MOORESVILLE, N.C. — Gainesville native William Naranjo has been selected to be a part of Pit Crew U’s 62nd group of participants, who will be learning the skills it takes to become a member of an over-the-wall motorsports pit crew.

Naranjo, a 2004 graduate of Johnson High School, will spend eight weeks in the experiential education course, a division of Performance Instruction & Training, a pit crew training and education facility in Mooresville, N.C.

"I want to get the experience I need to work for a race team," the 22-year-old Naranjo said.

Each year, Pit Crew U trains a limited number of potential pit crew members. And within that year, about half of the participants move on to work in one of the three upper divisions of motorsports.

"Those guys who really put forth the effort usually wind up realizing their dreams," said Doug Burns, Pit Crew U recruiter.

"PIT has jump-started a lot of careers."

Pit Crew U offers Naranjo an opportunity to find a career in motorsports, but the program will require high levels of determination and commitment, according to Breon Klopp, PIT’s senior director of development.

"The course is going to be tough for these guys both physically and mentally," said Klopp, who also serves as a trainer for professional pit crews and a coach for Pit Crew U.

"Motorsports teams demand a high level of performance from their pit crews athletically.

We have to prepare them for that."

After Naranjo completes Pit Crew U, he’ll need strong performance evaluations to secure a spot in PIT’s 5 Off 5 On program, a developmental team that offers continued coaching, conditioning and support.

Participants in 5 Off 5 On also gain experience through opportunities to serve as pit crew members in different divisions of stock car racing to fully develop their skills.

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