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Gainesville fans of Georgia Bulldogs seeking anonymous Georgia fan who gave their son $100 in Indianapolis
Jennifer and Josh Harker, of Gainesville, are shown with their son, Mack, at the end of the national championship game Monday in Indianapolis. Photo courtesy Jennifer Harker

Jennifer and Josh Harker, of Gainesville, were elated like every Georgia Bulldogs fan, as they left Lucas Oil Stadium on Monday in Indianapolis.

It was a moment they'll never forget as the Bulldogs pulled the 33-18 upset, made even more special being able to share it with family.  

But, they left with just one burning question: who was that kind stranger?

As the local family exited, a man approached their son with both fists out and clinched, and told the Harker's 10-year-old Mack to "pick one."

Their son touched the stranger's fist and was surprised with a $100 bill.

Just as soon as the stranger could hand the Gainesville boy the money, he was gone.  

Now, they want to find that anonymous person, simply to say thanks. 

The odds are slim of that stranger being from the area, but the Harkers are willing to give it a try. 

If you know who the person is who gifted the young boy the money, email