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Moon, local powerlifters win national titles
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Georgia IronDawg Bench Press team member Tim Moon of Gainesville was not even in the state of Georgia early Friday morning. Moon had been on a mission trip to a reservation in South Dakota and got stuck at an airport in Minnesota, waiting on a connecting flight.

It didn’t seem to matter in the end, though. Moon, a Hall County resident, went on to win his second national championship and set another world record within a period of 12 days, at the American Powerlifting Committee National Powerlifting Championships at the Holiday Inn Express on Friday in Athens.

Lifting in the Master’s Men’s 45-to-49-year-old, 125-kilogram (275.58 pounds) Equipped Class, Moon successfully pressed a new world and personal record of 345 kilograms (760.59 pounds). In a meet on June 9, in Peoria, Ill., Moon had locked out 343 kilograms (756.18 pounds).

Five of the six designated starters for the IronDawgs also established new records.

Brenau University strength and conditioning coach Gary Hatfield won two first place medals as he lifted both in the Raw and Equipped divisions in the MM 55-to-59-year-old 100-kilogram class. He ended with a raw lift of 185.5 kilograms (408.95 pounds) and an equipped lift of 235 kilograms (518.08 pounds).

Also joining the world record parade was Mount Airy’s Joey Murphy, who pressed 305 kilograms (672.4 pounds) in taking the 40-to-44-year-old, 125K Equipped Class.

Both of the IronDawgs’ women starters, Ariel Bulmash of the Marietta Area and Dana Tripp of Lawrenceville, also set records. Bulmash did 97.5 kilograms (214.95 pounds) in winning the 16-to-17-year-old women’s 56-kilogram class. Tripp ended with a 44-kilogram (97-pound) bench press to win the Master Women’s 40-to-44-year-old 52-kilogram Raw Class.

The other IronDawgs’ starter, Tripp’s husband Russ, also won a title with his push of 145 kilograms (319.67 pounds) in taking the championship of the Master Men’s 45-to-49-year-old 75-kilogram Raw Class. Moon got the Master’s Men’s Best Lifter Award.

For the IronDawgs, it was their fourth straight bench-only APC National team championship.
Team captain Garry Glenn of Oakwood picked up his ninth national championship, lifting in the Men’s Master 55-to-59-year-old 90-kilogram Equipped Class.

Also winning for the IronDawgs in bench press were Trey Hague of Augusta, who took the Men’s 90-kilogram Raw Open with a lift of 167.5 kilograms. Gainesville’s George Bradley won the Master Men’s 55-to-59-year-old 67.5-kilogram Equipped Class, lifting 97.5 kilograms. James Houston, of Jefferson, won two titles. He benched 150 kilograms (330.69 pounds) and a deadlifted 227.5 kilograms for a total of 377.5 kilograms (832.24 pounds).

The meet continues with Full Power classes today and Sunday, starting at 10 a.m. each day. Saturday will feature all women, teens, and sub-masters classes. Sunday will feature Open and Master’s Men’s divisions.

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