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IronDawgs powerlifting team defends state title
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The Georgia IronDawgs powerlifting team defended their team state title in the bench-only lifting division at the American Powerlifting Committee Georgia State Open Powerlifting Championships on Saturday in Macon.

The IronDawgs were led by Tim Moon who broke the national record in the Master’s Men’s 45-49-year-old 140 kilogram/308.64-pound equipped class. After weighing in Friday at 286 pounds, Moon pushed 332.5 kilos/733.03 pounds. Moon won the Best Lifter award for the men’s bench press.

Dana Tripp pressed 93.7 pounds to win the Master’s Women’s 40-44-year-old 52 kg./114.64 pounds raw class and won a Best Lifter award at the event. Russ Tripp tied the national record in the Master Men’s 82.5 kg./181.88-pound raw division by lifting 155 kg./341.71 pounds.

R. Garry Glenn won the Master Men’s 55-59-year-old 100 kg./220.46-pound equipped class. He pushed 175kg./385.81 pounds on his second lift but fell a couple of inches shy of reaching 187.5 kg./413.36 pounds on his third. Trey Hague finished in first place in the Men’s Open 90 kilo/198.41-pound raw class with a lift of 170 kilos/374.78 pounds, and George Bradley lifted 97.5 kg./214.95 pounds to take the Master Men’s 55-59-year-old equipped 67.5 kg./148.81-pound weight class.

In the Full-Power competition, the IronDawgs lost their state title but won individual events as Dwon Johnson squatted 367.5 kg./810.19 pounds, benched 192.5/424.39 pounds, and deadlifted 295/650.36 pounds to total 855 kilos or almost 1,885 pounds in the Sub-master’s 140-plus-kilo class. Andy Williamson squatted 200 kg./440.92 pounds, bench pressed 137.5 kg./303.13 pounds, and deadlifted 200 kg./440.92 pounds to win the Master Men’s 45-49-year-old 100-kilo weight class.

Tyler Cummings broke the junior raw lift national record in the squat when he lifted 272.5 kg./600.75 pounds in the 110 kg./242.51-pound weight class. He bench pressed 167.5 kg./369.27 pounds and deadlifted 237.5 kg./523.59 pounds. James Houston took third place in the Men’s Open 100-kilo weight class with a 215 kg./473.99-pound squat, a 125 kg./275.56-pound bench press, and a 190 kg./418.87-pound deadlift for a total of 530 kg./1,168.44 pounds.

The American Powerlifting Committee Nationals will be held June 21-23 in Athens.

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