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Letter: Pettitt shows pattern of poor judgment
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Mark Pettitt

Jan. 7, Mark Pettitt was sworn in as the Post 2 Board Member for the Hall County Board of Education. As I’m sure most residents of Hall County are aware, Pettitt was recently arrested for driving under the influence. In 2017, Mr. Pettitt was found guilty of boating under the influence . The arraignment for Mr. Pettitt’s current charge is scheduled for Feb. 11. As his lawyer stated: He should be considered “innocent until proven guilty,” which I completely agree with.

We are about four weeks away from Pettitt’s arraignment, and I have a concern about waiting that length of time for us to even discuss this situation. If this was Pettitt’s first arrest for this type of offense I think we might look at this differently; but another arrest of the same type of offense in such a short period of time, suggests a pattern of behavior. 

Pettitt stated on Facebook that “while I plan to defend this accusation, I want to convey my respect for law enforcement and the rule of law” Frankly, that really sounds like a politician talking.

Unless there is something that I am not aware of, there is no recourse to Pettitt continuing to serve as a board member other than recall, which is a difficult process, but doable. 

In the time between now and Pettitt’s arraignment, we all need think about what the right course is here. Personally, I feel that two alcohol related convictions for a board member in such a short period of time would be too much and that person should resign from office. Absent Pettitt doing that, I think a recall election would be in order.

Steve Deming


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