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Your Views: Vick intended to torture, kill living creatures
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Trevor Thomas made some very good points in his article concerning the contrasting treatment of Donte Stallworth and Michael Vick. I would like to, however, express some thoughts I have had on the legal and media treatment of these men.

Stallworth killed a man because he got drunk and drove a car. He did not set out to kill. He was just stupid, drank too much and killed. Indeed, this is a hideous event. Stallworth is facing four to 15 years in incarceration.

I agree that the media, and perhaps the public in general, has swept this under the rug. However, our legal system in dealing with this. Stallworth may get at least part of what he deserves. We Americans should be very much up in arms.

We are not nearly as hard on any drunk drivers as we should be. Even on a first offense, the drunk should at least serve perhaps two to five years of community service, something that will make him or her never want to do this again.

Vick, on the other hand, killed animals, not a human. However, Vick intentionally set about using a fair amount of money to torture a living, caring animal, the one animal that has been beside man's side since the dawn of history. This animal thinks, cares, loves, plays, protects and is and has been the best friend to most of us.

Vick knew what he was doing when he tortured these dogs. He took pleasure in their pain and anguish. He penned them up giving them no alterative but to be tortured. Yes, he thought this was fun.

I don't care if you are killing a human or any animal, to take pleasure in torturing and killing any animal slowly is subhuman. It speaks of a very dark side of Vick. It is not a stretch to think he could do this with a human and still take pleasure in it. Studies have clearly shown that children who do this often become violent criminals in later life.

Yes, Stallworth did a very stupid thing. He should be severely punished. He should be shunned, but Vick intentionally set about to continue to kill and torture living beings over a period of time. He would have continued to do this had he not been caught.

The difference is in the mindset. Both should be punished severely. Neither should he ever be allowed to play pro ball again or be in any position that the young of this nation might look up to them.

I might suggest that part of the difference in the treatment of these two criminals is that television and movies have so dehumanized us that we no longer care. If our churches and other community organizations want to change our society for the better, they should start preaching the shunning of all the open or rotting corpses and brutal killings we see on television and those terrible "sports" show where men brutalize each other.

These are not things to take joy in. My gosh, how we have allowed the "dumbing down" of our society!

John Stockard

Humane Society needs volunteers to walk animals
I am a volunteer at the Hall County Humane Society. It is a wonderful place to share your love for neglected and orphaned animals.

Please consider walking the dogs, especially the large ones. They once knew homes, are mostly house-trained and sometimes get depressed. It is hard to go there because you do want to take them all home, but I have learned to forget my own feelings and follow my heart. The reward is priceless.

I know there are many dog lovers out there. So please consider brightening an animal's day.

The Humane Society could also use foster parents for certain animals. Today would be a wonderful day to get started.

Marilyn Ranck
Flowery Branch