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Your Views: Tales of Good Samaritans
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Frantic search for girl results in a happy ending
After the "Christmas on Green Street" Believer's Band program in which I participated, I could not find my 8-year-old granddaughter. It was dark, cold and there were lots of bundled-up people.

Thinking she had gone home with neighbors, I went home and called the neighbors. They had not seen her the whole evening. My heart fell as I called 911.

The response was immediate. Everyone involved, and there were many, were compassionate, professional and thorough. After five hours she was located safe and sound. Thank you, God.

My heart is full to overflowing with the love and caring expressed by the following people: my Presbyterian church family, my neighbors, the firefighters, police, my Enota School family, my dear friends and all who helped with the search.

I give my sincere thanks and love to all who participated in and responded to the search.

Kathy Willingham

Meter man lends a hand with escaped pet
This letter is to commend the man, my electric meter man, who came to my rescue while doing his regular monthly job.

Thank you, sir, for helping me retrieve my dog who had broken free from me and my leash and collar. My dog adamantly would not come back to me or my calls; the meter reader tried unsuccessfully at first, then got some food from his truck (probably his own lunch) and lured him to his reach. He grabbed the dog and carried him to me.

The miraculous thing about this is that he is highly allergic to animals but risked his life to help me catch my dog. There are "angels unaware" in this life and he is one of them.

Gloria McCue

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