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Your Views: Religion alone can't heal us without true faith behind it
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The writer said, "Don't give up on religion because we often fall short" May 1 in The Times. People giving up on religion doesn't frighten me near as much as those who are giving up on God and Jesus.

If religion is the only source of power that America has to hold it together, no wonder things are getting in a condition that causes worry, frustration and even decay. There are too many religions that cannot get along with each other. I am glad that we have only true and powerful loving God.

I have always hoped and felt, at least since I have become old enough to think clearly, that America was much smarter to believe that religion alone could heal all of our wounds and problems. That just may be our problem; many people may not have become grown enough to know where the real power comes from.

Many people from the old school have passed on and many younger ones are left behind who really don't know what to do unless they are willing to learn from people of wisdom.

True wisdom comes from one source, but all are offered and hopefully encouraged to received it. I do hope that younger leaders will put forth every effort to receive what they must have to effectively lead the people.

Being religious is one thing, but serving the true God is quite different. There has to be a right way for people to do things, as well as a right way to live. If one says its OK to do it this way and another says something different, then you know something is not right.

The Founding Fathers knew that with anything less than the real thing, then America, like many other countries, would fall.

There is a price to be paid by those who continually rebel against what is right. The true way will always prove itself. Always keep a clear head, a mind that seeks the truth and a loving heart, the creator will do the rest. All is not left up to us. God knows the hearts of all of us, we can trust him to know what is best for each of us.

Jesse Jenkins