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Your Views: Radical unions are destroying America, with president's help
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Initially, labor unions were in a number of ways useful and needed tools to ensure fair treatment and some essential benefits to working people.

I'm a GM retiree and I belong to a union. I believe that the unions, when properly implemented, served a good purpose. It seems, sadly, they have become a voracious monster in today's world that is hungry for power, even at the expense of our nation and the American people.

Our president, at the beginning of his term, boldly proclaimed to our nation that any time he had a decision to make, he sought first the advice of Andy Stern, president of the SEIU, one of the most radical people today leading of the most anti-American unions in our country. Unions are really always started by power mongering radicals

Unions nationwide are, in fact, setting policy for our nation, with the full cooperation of a weak, incompetent president who can't control them.

America was once the industrial superpower. Now because of so many unreasonable demands by unions, corporations and large businesses have been forced to go elsewhere and America has been reduced to being a nation of buyers and borrowers.

If we are to survive, we must vote out this president, his radical administration and those in Congress who support him. If the American people, don't take back control, we're doomed. May almighty God bless us in that endeavor. God bless America.

Mickey Montgomery