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Your Views: Perdue put Georgians ahead of politics by taking stimulus
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I am very glad to see that Gov. Sonny Perdue hasn't followed some of his fellow Republican governors in their grandstanding about not accepting funds from the Recovery Act.

Although I disagree with Perdue about many issues, in this case he is clearly doing the right thing for Georgia. Republican governors such as Bobby Jindal and Haley Barbour are proving themselves willing to play political games while their constituents are suffering.

They know that there is a provision in the law that allows states to accept stimulus money even if their governors object, through an act of their legislatures, so their public "refusal" is just so much self-serving hypocrisy.

When the Recovery Act begins to produce jobs and an improved economy here in Georgia, Perdue will deserve a portion of the credit for putting the people of our state ahead of partisan foolishness.

Bryan Sorohan