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Your Views: Perdue lied to voters about flag, raising taxes
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I will be so glad when Sonny Perdue is gone. The first thing he did was to lie about his promise to have a vote on the state flag, which is one reason I voted for him the first time. The second reason was he said he was a Republican. Both turned out to be untrue.

The rising discontent about the flag created by Roy Barnes had an effect on me to vote for Perdue, and the fact that Republicans don't raise taxes. But the first thing he did was to raise taxes on cigarettes.
It would be nice to see the Confederate battle flag back on the state flag. I was born in 1953 and grew up with the '56 flag flying everywhere. My question: Is this state better off now after changing the state flag?

Edward T. Beazley Jr.

Neighborhood seems to get a lot of attention
I would be very interested in the outcome of any investigative reporting regarding an inordinate amount of community repairs that take place on Dixon Street in Gainesville.

Dixon Street is obviously a beautiful neighborhood with affluence, but the question is how much influence? I am never amazed to see ongoing city work of some nature taking place as I drive Dixon Street, which seems to occur on a biweekly basis.

Now, I am not averse to a community being maintained, but there does seem to be an appearance of impropriety given the recurring frequency of city workers laboring in this neighborhood.

One can only imagine that some one with considerable pull or well-placed lives along this street. What can The Times tell us about this needy neighborhood?

James Burris

County should check out tax board carefully
This letter is in response to an article in The Times concerning an alleged fraud of padding per diem time sheets for more than $47,000 worth of expenses over a five-year period by Emory L. Martin Jr., chairman of the Board of Tax Assessors.

My wife and I fully support the efforts of Lyman Martin and James Cantrell in their quest to find out if any rules and regulations were broken at the Hall County taxpayers' expense.

We appreciate Mr. Martin and Mr. Cantrell in trying to protect our interest as taxpayers and to uncover any discrepancies in the tax assessors' office.

Charles and Elaine Peck