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Your Views: Pass on to children the value of lifes good habits
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Many times adults have said, "If I had known what I know now when I was younger, I would have done things differently." It is acquired wisdom that we need to pass to the young.

We begin with the family, which is the glue that holds our society together and which provides the early training needed to relate to society and to form a good relationship with the world. The hours of each day are the currency of life, and how they are spent creates the value and the worth of life as long as one is not just enjoying the present but also laying building blocks for the future.

We should guide our youth:

To be aware of the salaries of different occupations and the daily chores that are required and make it clear and that one's education level increases one's income and makes available more exciting choices in the marketplace.

To avoid the bad habits of laziness, lack of discipline and control that wastes the time and opportunity to learn new things, and to grow and develop properly.

To bear children at the right time and with the time and resources to let them blend in a couple's life and not to be a burden in the early years.

To get married only when one has the brain and emotional maturity to choose wisely. Huggers need huggers, talkers need listeners - who wanted to hear and occasionally remember what was said.

To have work which brings contentment, but also challenges one to become the best at what they do, exploring new ideas and techniques and saving 15 percent of income. "Large Oaks from little acorns grow."

To have outside interests to create good times away from work and family, and to devote time to help others.

To experience church activities that inspire a spiritual life and a close relationship with God.

To take care of the body through aerobic training for the organs and weight training for the muscles, joints and bones.

We can and must motivate the young to work towards the ultimate goal of being at peace with one's self, and to enjoy life, family, work, co-workers, friends, the world and one's place in it, and to make their life a gift to others.

Troy R. Millikan