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Your Views: Obey the law and law will protect you
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I am writing on behalf of Arturo Corso's remarks on "Lawyers rip Hall program." He believes there is a right way to enforce immigration laws by targeting serious drug-related offenses and violent crimes that cause community concerns, and that too many working immigrants are being caught up in the 287(g) web since it was implemented three weeks ago.

Bottom line is that a DNR officer did his job, and in the process caught illegal immigrants. Had the men had fishing licenses and not have been fishing illegally, they wouldn't have been arrested. Had the men been in the country legally, they would not have been arrested.

When I was 17 years old, a few of my friends and I were swimming. I had left my driver's license in my pants pockets a quarter of a mile from where we were swimming. I got arrested and booked.

I had to post bail, lose a half day's pay to attend court, only for the judge to tell me "son, next time you go swimming, make sure you have your driver's license on hand."

So do not blame an officer of the law for doing his or her job. I'm sure others were asked for their licenses that day and were within the boundaries of the law.

Stay legal and stay out of jail seems like a fair approach for everyone to follow, no matter where you may be from.

Timothy Nicholson

Publicize water restrictions better
It is no secret that Gainesville is currently in a drought. I know that there are water restrictions, but I am not sure exactly what they are.

I think that restrictions should be made public, not only in the newspapers but also on commercials so that it will reach a wider and younger range of citizens.

Victoria Cheshire
Chestatee High student

Underage drinking is unwise
Why are teenagers continuing to participate in underage drinking when they know cops are cracking down on it? Many teens feel that they are not going to be caught if they are at their own house, but thankfully our community is not allowing that to happen in Hall County. Props to the cops for putting a stop to underage drinking!

Andrew Gibson
Chestatee High student