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Your Views: Leaders, media continue to let the people down
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As a citizen, I resent a do-nothing Congress and a president who seems to forget his sworn oath to uphold the Constitution and protect the rights and freedoms of the people. He also seems to want to add new rights to the list. This is his method of redistribution and the new rights are entitlements.

Because of the aforementioned acts or the lack thereof, words are disappearing from our vocabulary. These words, missing, have a direct effect on our rights. Words like responsibility, incentive, effort, esteem, goals and laws seem to be unknown to some people.

A lot of this can be traced to so-called leaders who strike the words and tell their followers that they are entitled to anything or everything, and it should be expected. When they don't get it, the fault is placed on the target of the day. That way any problem is the fault of someone else, not the followers and definitely not the "leaders."

To add to all this, we have the people who don't know how to do their jobs or just don't bother. I think it is fair to point to the media because they haunt us or let us down daily. The are supposed to provide us with the facts relative to what is going on so we can determine what we believe to be one truth. When this information is not supplied to us, we are left to choose the lesser of two evils. We have to make that choice because our system allows us to be lied to.

A good comparative example: When Sarah Palin arrived on the scene, Alaska was inundated with reporters and lawyers looking for detrimental facts to report. A lot of rhetoric was issued, but I don't think anyone got their money's worth. It was a political witch hunt.

Along came a topic that the people needed assistance with because of the secrecy our government put forth. The topic: medical care. Canada was mentioned many times as an example, but did the media go north to talk to the government, health care providers, insurance companies, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and last but not least, the users?

We, the people, got no input. Is it any wonder that the constituency is upset. We don't like opting for the lesser of two evils, but we have no choice. The media should have no wonder why their businesses are failing. When you have nothing to offer, you aren't needed.

Help us to help ourselves or get out of the way.

George Koesters