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Your Views: Law enforcement needs higher profile to deter traffic violators
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It seems more and more dangerous these days as one navigates the streets and highways of Hall County and Gainesville. Drivers seem bent on exceeding the speed limit to the fullest possible, especially on Dawsonville Highway and Thompson Bridge Road. And no wonder since law enforcement has all but vanished.

For example, it wasn't long ago that city police cars would often await speeders in the truck turnaround on Dawsonville Highway just before the bridge. Drivers knew this and very few sped through that area. I haven't noticed a patrol car there in months.

Many people fail to signal their turns and some don't even turn their lights on in the rain. No real surprise, again, since there is no enforcement and police are often as guilty as anyone. Isn't it time that laws were enforced and drivers try to obey the law even without enforcement?

Folks, the laws are to protect all of us and just because someone may think it doesn't apply to them, they're dead wrong. And they may one day be dead because they were wrong. Let's wise up and try to do it right.

W.A. Van Valkenburgh

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